KAB-PMV3 Panel Mount for KAB-v3 Boards with Function, LED, and Install Kit

Quick Overview

Add a professional finish to your Dayton Audio KAB amp board projects with this KAB panel accessory kit.

Product Highlights

  • Silk screen labels identify each function for ease of use and a professional finish
  • Predrilled holes save time mounting each component
  • Standoffs attach the KAB board to the KAB panel for one piece installation
  • Gasket tape and wood screws for a secure fit
  • Included components plug directly into the board without soldering

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Give your Dayton Audio KAB sound projects a professional finish with the KAB-PMV3 Panel Mount Kit. It includes the function and LED light kit needed to get your KAB amp board ready for power. It also includes a DC coax 2.1 x 5.5 mm power jack, a rocker switch, standoffs, gasket tape and mounting screws to help complete the project. Each component plugs directly in the board without having to solder. Predrilled holes make installation a breeze with silk screen white labels to identify each components location and function. The standoffs hold the panel and the KAB board firmly together for one piece mounting. Gasket tape and screws securely mount the panel to your project.

Included Components:

Parts Description Specification Qty
Panel Black metal 4.75" H x 3.76" W x 0.09" D (120 x 95 x 2.3 mm) with screw hole spacing 4.37" and 3.39" (111 x 86 mm) apart for mounting 1
Screws Black for front of standoff M3 x 6 mm 4
Screws Silver for rear of standoff M3 x 6 mm 4
Standoffs Silver M3 x 60 mm 4
Screws Black wood screws for mounting M3 x 16 mm 8
LEDs Red, green, and blue with metal socket and cables 5 mm with 20" (500 mm) leads 3
Potentiometer Volume control, knob, and cable 1K ohm with 20" (500 mm) leads 1
Push button switch Push button and cable for Bluetooth pairing SPST mementary N.O. with 20" (500 mm) leads 1
Stereo phone Jack Aux input and cable 3-conductor 3.5 mm with 20" (500 mm) leads 1
DC coax jack DC input and cable 2.1 x 5.5 mm with 20" (500 mm) leads 1
Rocker Switch On-Off switch and cable SPST with 20" (500 mm) leads 1
Gasket tape Gasket tape for underneath the outer diameter of the panel 4.61" L x 0.39" W (117 x 10 mm) 2
Gasket tape Gasket tape for underneath the outer diameter of the panel 3.47" L x 0.39" W (88 x 10 mm) 2

Model NumberKAB-PMV3
Unit of MeasureEach
Warranty - Parts5 Years
Warranty - Labor5 Years
Product Shipping Weight (lbs.)0.47
Product Weight--
Product Height --
Product Width--
Product Length--
Product Depth--