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DSPB-250 2x50W Class D Audio Amplifier Board with DSP

Quick Overview

Dayton Audio DSPB-250 combines a 2 x 50W amp board with the ADAU1701 digital signal processor which enables you to customize sound using SigmaStudio software and Dayton Audio ICP1 Bluetooth programmer. Use the DSPB-250 as the heart of your DSP audio project, or combine it with the KAB-250v3 to make a Bluetooth DSP 4-channel project.

Product Highlights

  • Wire harnesses make installation quick and simple with no soldering required -- includes power, Aux-in and speaker cables
  • Connects directly to KAB-230v3 and KAB-250v3 with optional wiring harness (sold separately) to achieve 4-channel output and Bluetooth capabilities
  • Separate ports for powering by battery or direct DC input from 12 to 24V power source
  • Program with SigmaStudio software and Dayton Audio ICP1 (sold separately)
  • Efficient 2 x 50W of power from the TPA3116 amp chip

Product Manuals / Spec Sheets / Downloads

Dayton Audio DSPB-250 Quick Start Wiring Guide
Dayton Audio DSPB Series Amplifier Board User Manual

High Quality Audio Performance

The Dayton Audio DSPB-250 DSP Amplifier Board delivers high quality sound without drawing a lot power. This is due to the highly efficient TPA3116 Class D amplifier chip. The TPA3116 operates at 88% efficiency, thus eliminating the need for a large heat sink and reducing its overall size. Its high efficiency becomes a major advantage when powering from batteries as it prolongs the playtime of a single charge. Its ultra-low distortion and pop-free performance make this hi-fi amplifier board an integral asset in any quality audio build.

Integrated DSP Chip

Unlike other amplifier boards, the Dayton Audio DSPB-250 includes a built-in ADAU1701 DSP chip. Create nearly limitless possibilities of EQ, crossover, bass enhancement, time alignment and more thanks to the ADAU1701 DSP chip. Make advanced crossovers with ease without circuit knowledge, capacitors, inductors, or preamp boards, and get almost immediate feedback on how your project sounds. SigmaStudio software and Dayton Audio DSPB-ICP1 programming board (sold separately) combine together to let you set audio parameters to produce hi-fi quality sound. Download SigmaStudio into your desktop or laptop computer and plug the small ICP1 board into the USB port using a micro USB cable (sold separately). To quickly adjust the sound there are four potentiometers on the DSPB-250 amp board.

Easy Installation

Included with the DSPB-250 are three wire harnesses: one for DC power, one for Line-input, and the other for connecting to stereo speakers. For many users, these cables are all that is needed to complete a project. Since they have additional on board connectors, wiring harnesses (sold separately) are available to speed-up installation and create confident connections without soldering. Dayton Audio also offers a variety of accessories with robust features to make installation even easier. Find out more about optional accessories below.

Endless Applications

Use this full function, adjustable amplifier board with built-in DSP chip in endless audio applications that seem impossible to produce the right sound quality. So if you’re a hobbyist or manufacturer enjoy presetting this full functioning 2 x 50W DSP amplifier board to peak performance in your finished product. The DSPB-250 is also CE and FCC ready for certification purposes.

To add more channels and Bluetooth to a project, combine the DSPB-250 with a Dayton Audio KAB-250v3 amp board using wiring kit DSPB-EC (sold separately). Examples of applications include:

Portable Power Paths

For portable applications, there are three battery holder/charging boards which permit the connection of li-Ion rechargeable batteries to power the board. First is the Dayton Audio KAB-BE 3-cell 18650 battery holder/charger board that is the same size as the DSPB-100 and KAB-250v3 which makes it easy to stack the boards with standoffs. This battery board must use a 15 to 24 VDC power supply.

If you desire more wattage output, use the 5-cell 21 VDC Dayton Audio LBB-5S or LBB-5 board. They work with 5 to 24 VDC power supplies. The LBB-5S uses 18650 Li-Ion batteries, and the LBB-5 uses 26650 Li-Ion batteries which delivers more play time. These portable power sources are highly recommended since all three provide under/over voltage protection.

Please note: To achieve power output briefly plug in the recommended power supply into the battery boards after the batteries are installed or when the batteries are removed and reinstalled.

Package Includes

• One Dayton Audio DSPB-250 DSP Amplifier Board
• One 2-conductor power cable 20"
• One 4-conductor speaker cable 20"
• One 3.5 mm line-input cable 20"

• Power output (w/ 24 VDC power supply): 2 x 50W @ 4 ohms
• SNR: 88 dB 2 x 50W @ 4 ohm, THD+N=1%, 26 dB, A-weighting
• 2 x 50W @ 4 ohm, THD+N = 1%, 200 Hz
• THD+N: 0.06% 10W @ 4 ohm 1 kHz 24 dB
• Frequency response: 20 to 20,000 Hz (±3 dB)
• Impedance: 4-8 ohms
• Recommended power supply: 12 to 24 VDC, 4A
• Board mounting holes center to center spacing: 3.32" x 2.4" (84 x 61 mm)
• Hole diameter: 0.14" (3.5 mm)
• Dimensions: 3.6" L x 2.7" W x 0.9" H

Optional Expansion Cables

Use the DSPB-EC cable kit to customize any Dayton Audio DSPB project. Each wire harness comes equipped with mini connectors for easy termination to the board, and each cable is 20" in length.

• The 6-wire cable combines sound level functions with the KAB-250v3 and KAB-230v3

• The 3-wire cable combines power functions with the KAB-250v3 and KAB-230v3.

• The 4-wire battery cable is for portable projects where AC or 12 VDC car power are not available. This cable plugs directly into all the Dayton Audio Li-Ion battery boards. If using the KAB-BE battery board you must also add the KAB-250v3 or KAB-230v3 to the project for charging purposes.

• Three LEDs green, blue, and red are in the kit for charge, Bluetooth, and power status if you add one of the KAB Bluetooth amp boards to the DSPB board. Each LED has its own 2-wire harness.

• Add an optional SPST unmarked switch (sold separately) to the 2-wire on/off power cable to cut power to the entire board.

Optional Programing Interface Board

The Dayton Audio DSPB-ICP1 provides a solution to programing the DSPB-250 amp board using SigmaStudio software. Download SigmaStudia software to your computer and send programming instructions using a micro USB cable (not included) to the DSP-ICP1 programing board that installs settings into the DSPB-250 amp board with the included 6-pin cable.

Please note: The included cable has the same 6-pin plug that joins the KAB-250v3 to the DSPB-250. Make sure the programing board plugs into J-4 or #8 in the quick reference guide.

Optional Li-Ion Battery Charging Board

The Dayton Audio KAB-BE Li-Ion battery charging board holds three 18650 batteries (sold separately). This charging board has built in under/over voltage protection circuits for safe charging and longevity. It balances different voltage between batteries in case one battery discharges faster than the others. A 19 VDC, 1-5A power adapter works best for charging batteries contained in this board. Additional boards can be sequenced together to provide longer playing time.

Please note: When removing batteries from the KAB-BE, the charging adapter must be plugged in momentarily after the new batteries have been inserted. Failing to do so will prevent the amp board from powering up.

Optional L-type Aluminum Bracket

It can be quite difficult to install the audio amplifier board into tight spaces such as portable sound applications. To securely mount the DSPB-250 board and improve space efficiency Dayton Audio offers the KAB-AB; an optional L-type aluminum bracket. This aluminum bracket supports vertical and horizontal mounting configurations to satisfy different installation requirements. With four M3.5 screw lock standoffs, most Dayton Audio KAB and DSPB amplifier boards install easily on the bracket using the four included security screws. Two M3.5 holes and seven slots give you the versatility to mount the L-type bracket to your project as needed.

Optional Standoff Kit

The PC Board M3 Standoff Kit is perfect for stacking multiple PC boards that are the same size, like a DSPB amp board on top of the LBB-3 battery board. Stacking PC boards enables you to use a smaller project box to install your project in. These standoffs will secure a single PC board, or a stack, if you use it with KAB-AB mounting bracket. They both use the same M3 thread. The kit features eight 16mm studs, eight 10mm studs, and 4 Phillips screws.

Optional High Performance Power Supply

To meet the wattage output as listed in the specifications, using a 24V 5A DC Switching Power Supply is recommended. The power supply accepts inputs 100-240 VAC. It features a 6 ft. detachable input cord, and a 2.5mm x 5.5mm x 9mm center positive plug 4 ft. output cord. Approved/listed by all major safety agencies; UL, CUL, and CE. This power supply can also be used with the option battery boards.

Model Number DSPB-250
List Price $46.53
Color Red
Unit of Measure Each
UPC 848791006036
Warranty - Parts 5 Years
Warranty - Labor 5 Years
Product Shipping Weight (lbs.) 0.35
Product Weight --
Product Height 1.5"
Product Width 3.5"
Product Length 5"
Product Depth --