Transform your Apple, Android, or Windows Mobile Phone Into an Acoustic Measurement Tool!

Date: February 19, 2013
Location: Dayton, Ohio

DAYTON, OH - Acoustic analysis doesn’t get much more convenient than this! The Dayton Audio IMM-6 is a professional measurement and recording microphone that is designed to work with most Smart Phones and Apple Devices with a TRRS jack.

The IMM-6's rugged construction and compact size make it the perfect companion for audio professionals who must work on-location while performing acoustic analysis, monitoring audio levels, or recording. Each IMM-6 is individually hand calibrated using a laboratory-standard measurement microphone, for consistent and repeatable measurements that match the level of precision previously offered only by expensive stand-alone microphones.

A headphone/line-out jack is included for monitoring the recorded signal, and a "kickstand" elevates and angles the mic capsule for the best possible directionality when taking measurements. Each IMM-6 is presented in a sturdy case with foam insert. A unique serialized calibration file is available free for download with each iMM-6 calibration microphone.

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