Experience the Apex of Subwoofer Design - the New Dayton Audio Ultimax Series

Date: February 8, 2013
Location: Dayton, Ohio

DAYTON, OH – Dayton Audio's Ultimax Series DVC subwoofers are purpose - built to move air and create clean, articulate, fast bass.

To improve power handling, increase thermal management, and reduce power compression, Dayton Audio designed the Ultimax Series with large black anodized formers and vented pole pieces, under-spider ventilation, and two-layer copper voice coils. The Ultimax’s "Tall-Boy" rubber surround is meant for extra-long linear excursion without reducing the Nomex honeycomb/woven glass-fiber laminated cone's surface area. Copper shorting rings and a pole piece cap reduce inductance and distortion, while the Ultimax's dual spiders maintain linearity at incredibly high drive levels.

The Ultimax Series dual voice coil subwoofers from Dayton Audio are not for the faint of heart. Engineered and built using the latest in subwoofer technology, Ultimax subwoofers are the pinnacle of low frequency driver design. An Ultimax subwoofer's deep, powerful, accurate bass will test the strength of your foundation!

About Dayton Audio

Dayton Audio loudspeaker drivers compete with the world’s finest. Manufacturers and consumers who use our speakers know this. Our proven products combine real-world design excellence with high-tech manufacturing. Everything that carries Dayton Audio’s label meets stringent quality standards and is backed by industry-leading warranties and support. The secret to Dayton Audio’s enviable stature in a very competitive market: develop a great concept, choose the best tools, and build the product correctly from premium materials.

Dayton Audio products can be purchased through the following authorized reseller in the USA: Parts Express (www.parts-express.com). Visit us online at www.daytonaudio.com.

For more information, please contact:

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Marketing Coordinator
Dayton Audio
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