MA1240 Amplifier Makes Sound Distribution Seemless

Date: March 31, 2010
Location: Dayton, Ohio

Imagine an amplifier custom designed for custom multi-room sound distribution with 12 channels in one convenient enclosure. Dayton Audio's MA1240 easily brings this vision to life with an intelligently engineered and versatile design that integrates easily into high-end whole house audio systems.

The MA1240 includes removable ears to make it easy to convert between rack-mount and tabletop configurations. Stable Class AB design delivers superior audiophile sound quality and performance. Each of the twelve channels has its own dedicated input and independent level adjustment to provide further flexibility. By simply flipping a single switch, two channels can be bridged to increase the total power output for that zone. This is helpful when extra power is needed in certain areas. The MA1240 allows you to bring high-end audio into every room of your home.

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