Dayton Audio brings your HDTV and PC together with the PC to HDMI Scaler for a greater gaming experience

Date: December 2, 2008
Location: Dayton, Ohio

Imagine if you could sit back in your easy chair as you check e-mail, feel greater intensity from your favorite PC-based video games, or simply surf the internet on the HDTV in your living room. Now you can with the Dayton Audio PC to HDMI Scaler.

HDTVs are ideally suited to work with PCs, but more often than not, lack the input connection necessary. Simple video converters typically change the sync frequency of the video source to match that of the display. This technique leaves room for video artifacts and errors that negatively impact your viewing experience. The Dayton Audio PC to HDMI scaler accepts an analog VGA source (such as the output from a video card), and outputs it as a high definition digital video signal carried over HDMI. Automatic detection of the native resolution allows the unit to set the output signal to the optimum capability of the display or you can manually adjust the settings via the intuitive on screen menu.

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