Dayton Audio DTA-1 amp rivals audiophile designs but fits in the palm of your hand!

Date: February 6, 2009
Location: Dayton, Ohio

Dayton Audio's DTA-1 30 Watt Power Amplifier punches way beyond its weight, boasting 88% electrical efficiency while still producing imaging, dynamics, and sound quality rivaling esoteric tube amps. By incorporating the famous Tripath Class-T amplifier chip, the DTA-1 combines the superior audio fidelity of Class-AB designs with the advanced power management of Class-D.

Up to 15 watts of power per channel is on tap to push desktop and bookshelf speakers for the ultimate portable HiFi setup in homes, dorm rooms, or offices. For portability and flexibility, the Dayton Audio DTA-1 uses eight AA batteries or the included switching power supply (with quick-release US and European style plugs). A rear mounted 3.5mm (1/8") audio input and included 6 ft. 3.5mm male-to-male cable facilitate connection to MP3 players, PCs, and portable CD or DVD players.

Dayton Audio has produced and distributed the finest, high-value loudspeaker drivers and speaker building accessories for over ten years. Each product is designed and engineered in the U.S.A. to deliver the highest level of performance and value. Audio enthusiasts rely on Dayton Audio to provide the best selection of speaker components for any project. Dayton Audio combines real-world design with high-tech manufacturing techniques. Dayton Audio products may be purchased through the following authorized retailer in the USA: Parts Express ( Visit us online at