Dayton Audio In the Press

Put More AIR In Your Sound With The New B652-AIR Speakers!
"B652-AIR speakers sound better than ever"

CNET Reviews the B652-AIR
"My admiration for the B652-AIR is based on its sound quality"
9/27/2014 Gives Us a Little Sneak Peek Into the New Dayton Audio B652-AIR Speaker!
"...the B652-AIR might be the best budget speaker of all time"

TopTenReviews Rates the B652 Bookshelf Speaker
"These speakers are affordable and sound solid"

Esoteric Series Delivers State of the Art in Driver Design
" in loudspeaker technology and accomplished musical performance"

Stereophile Reviews the Sola Bluetooth Speaker
"...the Sola really did fill rooms large and small with surprisingly big sound..."

CNET Spends Some Quality Time With the SUB-1500
"'s a great buy for anyone looking to fill a fairly large room with a lot of bass..."

There's Always Room for Great Audio Especially With the New Dayton Audio Sola
"Sola is the one and only stereo speaker you will ever need for listening to great music"

Steve Guttenberg Highlights the DTA-120
"Nothing about the DTA-120's sound made me feel like I was listening to an entry-level amp"

Everything You Loved About the Mk III Titanic Subwoofers, but Now With Even Better Performance
"This new benchmark series is the Mk 4 generation."

Dayton Audio Appoints Winn Scandinavia as a Distributor
"They have a very solid brand distribution"

Dayton Audio Delivers the Paper With the New Reference Series Paper Cone Drivers
"...original groundbreaking Reference Series from Dayton Audio, now available with a paper cone"

Dayton Audio's DTA-120 is a Monster Amp in a Tiny Package!
"...ultra-small and affordable package that fits virtually anywhere"

AudioXpress Reviews the 12" Ultimax Driver
"The Dayton Audio UM12-22 12” Ultimax driver has exceptional linear excursion capability..."

Home Theater Shacks Impression of the SUB-1200
"I don't believe anyone could build something capable of doing what the SUB-1200 can for the same price"

AudioXpress Reviews the 12" Ultimax Driver
"The Dayton Ultimax UM12-22 woofer has several great features, including 19-mm XMAX"

Deliver Room-Shaking Bass to any Room With the SUB-1500
"If you like to turn up the bass, this Dayton Audio SUB-1500 is for you"

Dayton Audio Introduces Air Motion Transformer Tweeters
"Tweeters use groundbreaking transducer technology"

The Chicago Tribune Educates Consumers on Low-Budget Audio
"...produce remarkable fidelity for the money"

Dayton Audio's VS8 Subwoofer Fits Virtually Anywhere
"...innovative space-saving design"

New Commercial Engineering Series Drivers Give Designers and Engineers New Tools
"...CE Series offers big-speaker engineering in a small-speaker format"

Dayton Audio Introduces Versatile DA30 Mini Amplifier
"...a better audio product for less"

Transform your Apple, Android, or Windows Mobile Phone Into an Acoustic Measurement Tool
"Acoustic analysis doesn't get much more convenient than this"

Looking for an Indoor/Outdoor Speaker That's Affordable and Sounds Great?
"...excellent sonic performance and solid value in a compact, elegant format that's easy to mount anywhere"

New Micro Edge Series Speakers Provide Rich Sound and a Contemporary Look
"Fill your home with rich, audiophile-quality sound..."

Experience the Apex of Subwoofer Design - the New Dayton Audio Ultimax Series
"built to move air and create clean, articulate, fast bass..."

Stereophile Reviews the B652 Bookshelf Speakers
"Believe it or not, music through the little Dayton B652s was always very enjoyable"

Check out what Target PC has to say about the B652s Bookshelf Speakers
"Smooth bass and clear mids and highs are their strong point"

CNET Rates the SUB-800 Almost-Too-Good-To-Be-True
"The Sub-800's bass has a remarkably solid kick, and goes nice and deep"

Target PC Approves the DTA-1
"It's small and works just as promised"

Dayton Audio Exhibits at CES
"Dayton Audio Features Audio Artistry's CBT36 at CES Venetian Suite"

Dayton Audio Exhibits at CEDIA
"Dayton Audio to Be Featured Exhibit for Parts Express at the CEDIA EXPO 2012"

Making Acoustic Measurements Just Got Easier With This Compact, Accurate, and Affordable System!
"...provides quick and accurate measurements, cutting down on installation time, saving you both time and money"

CEPro Talks About the Dayton Audio OmniMic
"Gone are the days of subjective setups..."

MA1240a Amplifier Makes Sound Distribution Seemless
"...intelligently engineered and versatile design that integrates easily into high-end whole house audio systems"

Discover the Raw Power of the New SA1000
"...delivers the raw power of a pro-sound amp, but with the features and flexibility of a dedicated subwoofer amplifier"

Dayton Audio's Coaxial Ceiling Speakers Feature an Innovative Quick Mount Design!
"Quick Mount speakers work great anywhere"

Complete any Home Theater System With Dayton Audio's SUB-1200!
"It's the perfect subwoofer"

Dayton Audio DTA-1 amp rivals audiophile designs but fits in the palm of your hand
"Incorporating the famous Tripath Class-T amplifier chip..."

Dayton Audio Sound Exciters, create a completely hidden surround sound system!
"... Turn virtually any solid object into a speaker..."

Dayton Audio to Exhibit at the 2008 CEDIA Expo
"... Making a debut appearance at the CEDIA Expo in Denver, Colorado..."